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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The more comfortable I feel in my role here, the better I get at the language, the closer I feel to the kids... the harder my job gets. The more emotionally depleting it is. 

Galya got married last weekend. T didn't have money for "first day of school" clothes, so she didn't come. Iz is finally back in school after being under lock and key.... for now. N, instead of repeating 7th grade, would rather not go to school at all. 

The list continues... All these girls are too grown for their own good. 

How do you do this job if you don't draw your strength from the One who will eventually redeem it all?


Age said...

So true. Good luck and stay strong. Let me know if you need a break from it all, you can always come and visit me in my rockin' village of 2,000! But seriously, call if you wanna hang out or just talk about all the craziness.

Vic and Suebee said...

Wow . . . a more tender heart is a mixed blessing. :D Hang in there . . . you are planting seeds that you may never see until forever.
Suebee :D