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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Despite regular cleaning (well... I think I have given up in that department) and vacuming, my apartment is ALWAYS really really dusty. In order to preserve the cleanliness of my winter clothing stash, I put all my warm clothes into a space bag, and vacuum sealed it closed once winter finally left my Rila mountains.

Well. Its cold here. Very cold, actually. Rumor has it, there might be snow up in my mountains (its so foggy I can't verify for myself). This is, however, my third September in Bulgaria, and every year around this time we get this freak cold spell before it gets hot again. 

My dillemma right now is the fact that I am packing for another adventure. Tomorrow I board a plane for Milan, Italy, and on Friday morning I meet up with a good friend of mine in Kandersteg, Switzerland for a weekend hiking retreat that promises some of God's most incredible scenery! I am thrilled! Switzerland has topped my Euro destination list for as long as I can remember, and I am excited to be going so soon! But, considering the weather in the Swiss Alps right now appears to be in the high 50s during the day and only the 30s overnight... packing is going to require a tad bit more attention than I had originally anticipated... good thing I went ahead and already paid to check a bag!! If nothing else, plenty of room to bring chocolate back. ;)

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