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Monday, September 20, 2010

.:. LOVE .:.

"When someone is willing to take a risk and love the unloved and unwanted
 - despite the assumptions and opinions of those around them - 
that's the love of Christ, plain and simple. 

It's the love we're supposed to show."

from The Gutter by Craig Gross
(read this book)


Just love.

Climb down into the trenches - your own personal gutter - and love people like Jesus did. 

Why are Christians today so afraid to do this?

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Age said...

Cuz it's scary. I was pondering this same thing the other day. Loving and helping my kids here is easy. They're so sweet and loveable. But there is a homeless man in my village who begs for change and I've thought to myself, Jesus would help this man. But what can I do? Seriously, what? I feel guilty cuz I kinda just ignore him like everyone else but he's not all there and creeps me out a little. This sounds awful, I know, and I want to help him I'm just struggling with the "how" of it all, you know. That was a tangent but if you have any suggestions, I'm open to them