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Friday, September 24, 2010

At the mTel Cell phone store:

me - "Excuse me, but my contract ends in the next couple of months, and I would like to know the specific date."

store clerk - "You're speaking to me in Bulgarian."

me - "Ummm, yes. I guess I am....."

store clerk - "You live here? How long?"

me - "About two years."

store clerk - "But, you're speaking to me in Bulgarian."

me - "Yes. That is the idea."

store clerk - "Wow. You speak well. Only two years? What can I help you with?"

me - "My contract ends soon, and I'd like to know the official date. Also, I'm not leaving Bulgaria until April, so I was wondering what my options are for the few months after my contract is up."

store clerk - "Okay then. Your contract ends at the end of November. Here are your options to keep the same phone number, and have service until you leave in April. Oijsijgsoldkgnmsklgnsdfgndgsszndgslkgnxlbgknxfkhglsndgklngaleigfjnap;lkfnlazndfkzldgnzkdglxsdngdlfhnsrignslgskgnsagknslg. Do you understand?"

me - "Uhhhhh, sure."

Hahaha. Sigh. :)

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Vic and Suebee said...

Just when you thought . . . *_~ A very funny story! :D
Suebee :D