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Friday, January 25, 2008

The first day of the rest of my life...

My name is Katie, and as of yesterday morning at 9:30am, I am officially an [un]official Elon University graduate! While I won't walk across the stage and shake President Lambert's hand for another 4 months, I have finished my undergraduate coursework, and am ready to tackle what life throws at me next!

In addition to finishing school, I received my medical clearance for the Peace Corps on Monday. I've been nominated for a Youth Outreach Placement in Eastern Europe, so if all goes as planned, I'll spend the next three months working for a service group in New York City, participate in the Elon Class of 2008 graduation in May, and then head out for my official Peace Corps assignment in July. Whew. I've never been more excited about my plans, but now that I'm done with classes, reality is starting to settle in!

The past few months have been absolutely crazy, so I thought I would go ahead and capture everyone up...

September: Began my senior year!!! Sent in my application for the Peace Corps, and interviewed with my recruiter a couple of weeks later. The interview was frustrating, and I was incredibly discouraged - my recruiter was a little late, we didn’t cover even a lot of the questions I had prepared for because she had somewhere to be on campus half an hour after she got there, and I got blisters walking her allll the way across campus for her next engagement (I seized the opportunity to have a few extra minutes with her). Needless to say, I left the interview discouraged… BUT, after the weekend, I received my nomination!! Youth Outreach in Eastern Europe leaving mid-July.

October: Received the “dreaded” medical packet in the mail and scheduled appointments for dental and medical clearance… ALSO, stumbled across the website for a service ogranization called the Center for Student Missions, and sent in an application to serve as a City Host in New York City this spring after finishing classes at the end of January. I also began a two month internship with the the Burlington Police Department. I was back working with the gang and street crimes unit, and I LOVED it. I worked with some awesome people, discovered I love the job, and all around had a blast.

November: Completed my medical clearance, sent everything in, and began the long wait towards medical clerance and an invitation for a country of service… I also interviewed with the CSM site in DC, and was offered a job in NYC (literally) a few hours later!

December: Just before Christmas I was asked for further clearance of an arm wrist injury from high school (I have had 3 surgeries since said injury).

January: Called the hospital where I had my most recent surgery, faxed them the paperwork, and received my medical clearance MONDAY!! And yesterday... I became an [un]official Elon alum. :)

Anyway, there are so many exciting things happen right now! I’ll be in Brooklyn starting on Feb 11th working for CSM for the next three months, then its back to walk across the stage Under the Oaks and be an official Elon graduate!! Hopefully I’ll be off to some country in Eastern Europe for the next 27 months, and I couldn’t be more excited to be out on my own, serving and loving others, and learning to trust...