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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Discovered ricotta cheese at the grocery store here... I, of course, purchased said luxury, knowing full well that the only recipe that comes immediately to mind is my mom's world-famous lasagna. I also knew that although I am always craving her deliciousness, I would have to make so many substitutions that I would be left disappointed. 

So I am taking my first swing at Spanikopita - aka... Greek Spinach Pie.

I'd be hard pressed to mess up such a simple recipe, but my mouth is already watering.

But my childhood is disappointed in me (spinach??). 

Mmmmmm. I still wish I could have back all the years I was a picky eater and didn't eat things like avocado... and pineapple...and spare ribs... and meat in general. 


Anonymous said...

I want the recipe for the Spinach Greek Pie!!!

Vic and Suebee said...

You go, girl! :D
Have a great weekend!
Suebee :D