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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I just have to say, that traversing international waters via airplane WITHOUT a broken leg is the way to go! In fact... it was kind of nice. Caught up on some reading. Watched some movies. Listened to some music. Met a new friend. Ate some good food (what?). 

And thought about how hard it was to get on a plane and leave the life I've been building here, despite the sheer excitement about my best friend's wedding, seeing my family, and eating my weight in overly processed American foods. And it only being for two weeks. But the thought of projecting that mixed feeling to one year from now... almost broke my heart. It was so great to be back home in the land of comfort, convenience, and community, but God has really worked in my heart over the last two years. Not once since my "triumphant" return from a broken leg have I questioned my mission or purpose here. Or my deep desire to be here. 

I also just kind of assumed that when my time here was up, that I'd miss things, of course, but I'd be more than ready to move onto the next adventure (let's be honest, there is always at least one on the radar). Although I'm pretty sure God is not calling me to extend my time here (not fully out of the question, though), I can't express, even 8 months out, how hard it is going to be to walk away from my kids, colleagues, beautiful city, and amazing Rila mountains. 

Being home reminded me of all the things I miss and continue to crave (mainly revolving around more consistent access to the Body of Christ for fellowship and accountability), but it also made me appreciate how much I love the simple life here. The "spokoino" (relaxed) lifestyle and simplicity of it all. 

And my JOB. Most specifically my kids and colleagues. The mutual respect in the work I do here is something unrivaled to anything I've ever experienced.

But I'm also sure God will continue to work in me, and assuming I continue to listen and abide by His calling, He's got me headed somewhere equally amazing a year from now. 

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Vic and Suebee said...

It was good to see you . . . glad you made it back safely, as I'm sure your kids and friends are! :D Enjoy the weekend . . . sounds liks a blast!
Suebee :D