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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A very Bulgarian Thanksgiving!

Right at this moment, I am very content. On Thursday I was so incredibly blessed to have celebrated Thanksgiving surrounded by a fantastic group of people in Sofia, and then today I was able to share a little bit of American tradition to two of the ladies who mean the world to me over here in Bulgaria - Katya and Mariana (my closest colleagues). Sometime last month I had a site visit from a new PC staff member, and she commented on how refreshing it was to see my solid relationship with these two women, and how comfortable I was in my role here. I thank God for my situation here every day! So it was great to celebrate on Thursday with some of the Americans that have adopted me over here, and then to be able to recreate the meal [to some extent] with my Bulgarian family and the other two rockstar Americans in town.

I had to get kind of creative, but the meal turned out great, and I'm stuffed! Katya cooked the meze appetizers, chicken, and mashed potatoes (mmm), and I covered the green beans, pumpkin casserole, cranberry sauce (thanks, mom!), and dessert. Add all that to some homemade rakia and vino and a whole ton of laughs, and it was quite the amazing feast!!! Delicious, and so much fun.

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