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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Field Trip - 10/21/2010

The Svetlina kids have gotten to go on a pretty good number of field trips since last June. We have great success with these trips because not only are the kids getting the chance to see the world outside of Samokov, but they LOVE THEM. In and of themselves, the trips serve as an incentive for school attendence and participation, because the kids have to actually attend class in order to be allowed to go.

Yesterday, we had a smaller group than normal (there is that attendance thing again...), but in the end it was a great day. For some reason, though, I was exhausted going into it, with a bit of a headache, and just a little "off" in general. Not a good start to the day... Our first stop was a small village called Teteven in the Lovech region a couple hours north of Sofia. I did a little wikipedia-ing before we left, and still had trouble figuring out what warranted a special trip. It was little village along the Vit river in the Stara Planina mountains, and it WAS pretty, but we only stopped for lunch and then in the history museum for an hour and a half or so before our next stop on the trip.

The girls... posing... as usual. ;)

All the kids posing in front of the museum.

Getting the "schpeal" before the kids were unleashed in the museum.

Nothing was in English and I'm usually too lazy to pick through and read long informative signs in Bulgarian, but I picked up on a long drawn battle for ownership of Teteven between the Bulgarians and the Turks. In fact, the whole village was burned down at one point and had to be rebuilt in its entirety.

The village, like much of Bulgaria, had pretty impressive craftmaship. I'll never get tired of woodwork like this one:
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