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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Field Trip - 10/20/2010

The random (I don't know if it was last minute or not) stop of the day was to an... [drum roll please].... ostrich farm! Its funny, there was an ostrich farm just 5 minutes or so away from where I went to college and although I had the intention to stop for about 4 years, I never did. But leave it to Bulgaria to make sure I got to one eventually!!

I'm pretty sure the kids were speechless... and I will never live down the fact that one of these two lovely birds in this photo shares a name with yours truly. ;)

I've seen them before at a zoo, but never this close. I think I was pretty shocked at how huge they are. Especially when they are all stretched out like this one.

"The Blue Ostriches"
(The name of the farm)

All in all, definitely another productive field trip! This one was probably our most... diverse... as far as trip highlights and destinations is concerned.
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