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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So I'll admit it - I am in the absolute worst shape of my LIFE. At some point I need to stop blaming the bone shard and titanium rod in my shin and do something about it. I have had the legitimate excuses that my bike was stolen (from INSIDE my apartment by a "friend," I might add) and the only gyms in Samokov are in private hotels and very expensive, but today I discovered a BRAND NEW GYM near my apartment! It may be tiny (which only means I need to find a time when no one else is there), but its got sparkling equipment... and... its for women only! Woohoo! Go Samokov. So I just painfully worked out for the first time since I threw myself down a mountain. It was brief and certainly not pretty... but it was a start, I guess! 

On another note, I'm pretty sure you can finally consider me "Officially Integrated" into Bulgarian culture. In the last month, about 4 different people have called me at least half Bulgarian, and today, the clocksmith who put the new battery in my watch called me a "Samokovka." He also asked me if I had drank water from the fountain and found my Bulgarian man yet... oh bozhe. ;)

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Vic and Suebee said...

Coooooooooool!! Go, Katie . . . on all levels. *_~
Suebee :D