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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Svetlina Halloween Party 2010

Yesterday afternoon revolved around what could quite possibly be defined as the most insane hour of my life... Yes, our Halloween party was over that fast, but it was such a zoo!! And, because its what is most important, the kids had an absolute blast.

With my job, I never quite know whether to plan for 5 kids, or 50. Usually its ok, I just alter plans slightly or attempt activities that can be adapted based on attendance. It is not uncommon to plan an afterschool activity and then never have kids show up, and, using yesterday as a prime example, sometimes half the school wants to show up.

Not every kid got to play every game this year, but watching the "audience" effect was almost as entertaining as the games themselves.

Toilet paper mummy contest was a big hit!

Digging for "eyeballs" in a bowl full of "brain mush."

My GORGEOUS boss, Katya. Obi4am te. ;)

I have decided that carving a pumpkin by yourself, whether it is for sheer party decoration purposes or not, is THE single most depressing activity ever. Probably. But I think its cute. :)

I LOVE 5th graders! This little dude was one of the few that actually showed up in a costume, instead of walking in the door, going straight up to me, and asking why I didn't make them a mask. I didn't tell them that it probably had something to do that I was busy planning a party for 50 kids...

I had a couple art activities planned (pumpkins can be expensive, so they were supposed to make paper cut-out Jack O Lanterns), but the game room was so crazy I snuck in here to take a single photo and then went back out to turn the music off for the "Hot Pumpkin" (aka Hot Potato) game outside. Less than half an hour later the crafts room was clean and I don't remember seeing any finished products. Interesting...

Passing around my pumpkin (butternut squash... but I forgot that word in Bulgarian so the kids played along with my just calling it a pumpkin) which got SO abused. Please note it is currently plummeting to the floor. I cooked the meat last night - it still has a dream in this world to be more than just a game prop.

Bobbing for apples, of course!!

Absolutely crazy... but a definite success.
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