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Saturday, October 30, 2010

8th Grade Sofia Field Trip Part 1

Today was our final field trip from the America for Bulgaria Foundation PCPP grant we received around the new year.

We took most of the 8th grade class to Sofia, and spent the day at museums and then a late lunch at the mall before heading back to Samokov. Of all the activities we do with the kids, I definitely think that getting them AWAY from Samokov (and the Roma neighborhood in general) is probably the most beneficial thing we can do for these youth. In general, their worlds are very small. Bringing history and opportunity to life helps resonate the bigger picture that we try to encourage them to aspire to. Everything at the museums was so interesting to them - it was great to see their eyes light up as they resisted pressing their faces up to the glass to admire old Bulgarian relics from hundreds of years ago.

The whole gang in front of the National History Museum in Sofia. To all you PCVs in BG, I highly recommend this one! They've got some great stuff in here.

They were filming a ballroom dance presentation for Bulgarian national tv while we were there in one of the exhibit rooms. The kids were mesmerized - it was pretty cool!

Costume exhibit upstairs with three of my kids posing in front of a palace throne.

Old army helicopter outside with some of our boys.
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