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Thursday, October 21, 2010

In the last three weeks, I have seen the sun THREE times. 

That's it.

All this gray and dampness really starts to take a toll on your soul...

FINALLY, though, we have a forecast of sunny skies all week!

My spirit could really use the improvement. 


Age said...

Thank goodness! Me too!

Hope said...

The sun is a beautiful thing. Wish I could send you some of the sun that we have had lately! I love you and miss you!

Vic and Suebee said...

YAY! It;s sunny here and that's nice. Have a terrific weekend!
Suebee :D

Katie F. said...

It's gorgeous today!! I've been reading on my balcony. Haven't done that in forever!

And the forecast is predicting maybe the 60s the next few days... considering I've been wearing scarves and hats and seen snow already this season, its a beautiful thing!