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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Morning with the littles

It was my last day with the kinderbabies before Halloween this weekend, so I took the opportunity to introduce the little ones to the holiday. I told them about costumes and candy and everything scary, and then we practiced our facial features by drawing Jack O' Lanterns together. They did such a great job!!

Hard at work.

Sasho! One of my sweet boys from last year.

Nushka - I can never understand what this sweetheart says, but she is ALWAYS cheesing and you just can't help but love her.

Ivo and his new buddy, Justin.

Malka Yanitsa

Little Ivo

One of this things that I'll never get used to here, is that creativity and thinking outside the box is not encouraged. In fact, it might even be safe to say that it's DIScouraged. In general, teachers tell kids exactly what to draw and what colors to make things, and it drives me nuts. So when its MY time to be in charge, it's all up to their creative genius. If they want three eyes - go for it. If you want a happy pumpkin - have a ball. If you have it in you to be Picaso's protege like Boni here - PLEASE DO!!

Great job, Vasko!!

The class and everyone's new favorite Rilski basketballist
(please also note that my man Hristo is back these year! Green shirt, standing right up front).

I'm tellin ya, these little guys keep me going. They did such a great job!

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I love it!! TOO CUTE!