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Saturday, October 30, 2010

8th Grade Sofia Field Trip Part 3

Next stop - the National Museum of Natural History.

To be honest... I was disappointed. Granted, "home" to me is home to the Smithsonian Natural History museum, which is amazing... so I may have had slightly unrealistic expectations. But Bulgaria is home to some absolutely incredible natural phenomenons, and the entire museum (all 4 floors of it) was attributed to stuffed dead animals, frogs in fermaldahyde, and preserved moths and butterflies. And, unless I'm mistaken, I pretty sure that there polar bear never roamed this here land...

But hey, maybe that cute little Jaguar did.

The girls would have begged me to take pictures of them with the various animals all day, but about 45 minutes into our visit to this museum (we were at the History museum for a long while), stomachs were growling and the boys were protesting.
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