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Monday, April 26, 2010

World's Apart

View from the ridge of the town where I live. Very European looking, right?

And then a glimpse in to the reality where my kids live: the Roma Mahala in Samokov, Bulgaria.

Most of these kids are from the same family. 10 kids (no father) living in one room...

Isabella! One of my core kids and her little brother.
Katya was meeting with parents throughout the afternoon, trying to emphasize the importance of them being in school on a regular basis (or coming at all, in some cases).

I'm not sure where this blonde cutie came from, but he was adorable!
One of my kids from last year, and a new mom...
I've always felt apprehensive at first taking photos down there, but my colleague requested that I did and I eventually resembled something along the lines of the pied piper!
So cute... these little ones trying to figure out how to "share" ice cream between the four of them.

Outdoor sleeping arrangements...

The Iskar River looks quite different down here... there is no organized system for trash removal down here. No dumpters, nothing... One woman came up to me and asked why I was taking pictures. I thought it was upsetting her until she started telling me about all the trash and lack of electricity. I think she wanted me to write an Exposé..

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Vic and Suebee said...

Wow . . . even the children look old beyond their years. :] I'm glad you are there - may your work bring hope amidst despair. And light in the darkness!
Suebee :D