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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010!

"Save Our Planet!"

After school today, the kids met for a quick video and info session on Earth Day a keeping our world clean from Katya, the director of our NGO. 

Afterwards, the kids each got gloves and trash bags, and went out to the school yard in pairs. I had hidden pieces of brightly colored candy in random places, and the kids had to try to find them. If they came back to me with a piece of candy and a full trash bag of trash, then they got to put their names in a drawing for a new sports ball or art supplies.  

I think my colleagues were surprised, but the kids got so into it!

Honestly... I can't believe I forgot to count the number of trash bags the kids collected, but as you can see by the next couple of pics, they filled at least a couple dozen!

The school yard looks fantastic, but we're thinking it will only last until tomorrow morning. Especially since the dumpster is obviously overflowing now!

After the work outside, we went inside and handed out various prizes, then went back outside to put together the gliders and have a contest for who could throw theirs the furthest. They loved it!

Obviously no holiday is complete without the Bulgarian Horo... :)

Then we went back inside again where the kids colored butterfly and "Save Our Planet" coloring pages. 


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