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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happiness in Phyllo Dough...

The Basilica Sisterne - SO cool

BFF's!! We met for one week 2 years ago, and she's stuck with me forever now ;) Cramped into our little train cabin overnight to Turkey.

Abby is a PCV in Turkmenistan - and she would manage to find the one carpet shop in Istanbul with a Turkmen apprentice... and totally make his day by speaking his language!

Istanbul - Sultanhamet

Blue Mosque

The Grand Bazaar

Topkapi Sultan's Palace
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abby said...

Seriously you would put up the picture with Eziz... bah is all I can say to that.

Miss you!

Katie F. said...

Haha, I still think its adorable! And not as incriminating as the one with me and that guy from the "roof top lounge." Lies.