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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day with the Kinders

Or should I say, "Day of Saint Valentine," or... even better... "Day of the Lovers." ;) In Bulgaria, Valentine's Day is only just starting to commercialize as a holiday. Last year, actually, I remember only the flower shops selling balloons, and then the activities I did with the kids. Other than that, you saw only Name Day parties as people named after the actual saint celebrated, and then whatever I pulled off with the kids. This year, however, while out to eat with a couple of friends, I was surprised to see the restaurant completely decked out with balloons and streamers and candles on every table.

I started my day with my "pileta" (chickens), and had a blast! We talked about how we celebrate the holiday in America, made some Valentine's, ate some cupcakes (hysterical, pic to follow), and then I got away with something I never would have gotten away with in the US! Haha, that story to come too...

My buddy Hristo! He's really mastered his balloon drawing lately! One of my biggest regrets over the last couple of years is not spending enough time with this little guy... he has Down Syndrome, and its really neat to see him "mainstreamed" into the kindergarten. The staff and other kids really look out for him, but he kind of does his own thing. I'd like to see him get a little more individualized attention to address his needs. He's a smart kid and absolutely hysterical, but no verbal communication.

Goshko made his Valentine for his girlfriend. ;)

Nicollete - She's so pretty...
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