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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day toothbrushes

Last year, my dentist in the US donated a very generous amount of toothpaste samples and floss. Oral hygiene over here is widely overlooked among both Bulgarian and Roma communities, so we purchased some toothbrushes and taught the middle schoolers at camp this summer the importance of keeping your mouth happy.

I had been wanting to do the same lesson with the kinders for awhile now, so when I was putting together their Valentine's goody bag, I dropped a toothbrush and toothpaste in each bag. After enjoying our cupcakes, we marched the little chickens to the bathroom to practice! NONE of the kids own a toothbrush, so they were excited about their gift. I'd never get away with throwing a holiday party in the US and seizing the cupcake opportunity to teach about brushing those germs away. It'd be like the grouchy old lady who gives out apples on Halloween. But they loved it.

Svetlo back their cheesing over his new skill, and the others greatly concentrating.

Iskra giving the Do's and Don'ts of brushing your pearly whites.

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