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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AMAZING weather!

So much for the "coldest winter in a 1,000 years!!" Pretty sure its been record high temps lately... Although I was hoping for some serious snow this year, I'm not complaining!! All of the cafe's have set up tables outside, people are out and about (loved the 30minute walk to the kindergarten this morning), the ice rink was melting the other day, and... I was able to play outside with the boys today after school!

It took coming all the way to Bulgaria - where soccer is football and American football doesn't even exist - to perfect my football spiral. I've gotten pretty good, if I do say so myself. ;) But its definitely more fun to teach the kids how to throw.

It makes me nervous, but the boys have really gotten into boxing lately, and have been asking me to use the gloves on a regular basis. It makes me nervous... especially when one of the kids is an amateur boxer (the tall one - at least 6'4"!!!!) - ranked in Bulgaria. Also, all of the kids in this picture are in 7th grade except for two on the far right...
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