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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm not so much a planner as I am a dreamer, but regardless, I can't stop thinking about the "next step."

It's pretty amazing to think that at the end of my time here in the Bulg, life can take any turn I want it to. Very exciting. :)

I realize that I don't have to even begin to truly make any real decisions for another six months or so at the absolute earliest, but it's fun (and overwhelming and exciting and crazy and intense and… and…) to think about.

[Mere] Thoughts/Ideas/Opportunities as of NOW:

  • Close my PC service (COS) as originally predicted in April 2011 (less than a year! Whoa!) and embark on the much-anticipated Euro backpacking trip of a lifetime. Then:
    • Find a job – enter the "real world" (don't judge… but most days that sounds so good to me)
    • Grad school – getting my MSW somewhere, but the thought of more school… YUCK
    • Spend a couple months in St. Petersburg, Russia at a language immersion program
  • Extend my PC service for "x" amount of time with my current organization in Samokov
  • Extend my PC service for one year as a PC Volunteer Leader
  • Or, who knows… maybe travel the world in a hot air balloon. Or be the next Bachelorette.

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