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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

“Déjà vu convos upon arriving at work:

"Mariana, why are there so few children in school today?"

September/October: "Because of the 'grip' (swine flu).

Every Monday: "Because it's market day."

November: "Because it's raining."

December: "Because it's cold."

January/February: "Because it's snowy."

March/April: "Because it's cloudy."

May/June: "Because it's sunny and beautiful outside!"

When I pass a child during school hours:

"What are you up to right now?" - me

"Nothing." - child X

"Why aren't you in school?" - me

"I don't know." - child X



Anonymous said...

It is funny how children are the same no matter what the country they live in. All of the above are things that apply to my students!~Hope

Vic and Suebee said...

Yes, yes they are. :D And when education isn't important/relevant to the parent, that attitude gets passed on. Sigh, indeed. :\