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Monday, February 15, 2010

Surprise! изненада!!

Today we celebrated Katya's (my director and PC Counterpart) 50th birthday with the Svetlina kids! Although she looks not a day over 25, ;) I tried to explain our phrase "over the hill" in Bulgarian. Not sure how well it went, especially when all of the black balloons we bought to decorate with turned out to be purple!

Katya's daughter worked for a summer in America, and told her all about Cheesecake. She asked me last fall if I knew how to make her once, but by the time I realized how many ingredients I would have to subsitute, I was pretty sure she needed to just hop a plane to NYC and grab a slice of Junior's - the REAL deal. I did however, manage to order a piece of cheesecake at an English run restaurant last night in honor of her birthday. I didn't try it, but it looked good. :)

I made a big brownie for everyone to share with "happy birthday" written in Bulgarian... but it suffered a slight trauma on my walk to work...

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