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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I tend to forget God cares about the small things in life too. I was never sure it was "ok" to pray about certain things (yes, I realize this is silly and irrational). It's true, though - I've always felt a degree of selfishness or guilt when I've prayed for the seemingly inconsequential, but God, in that divine way that he does, is excellent at finding ways to remind me how faithful he is even in the smallest details.

Yesterday, I took the bus to Sofia to rescue a package that had gotten stopped for some reason in customs (still don't know why – didn't even get charged for it) and to visit with some great friends. Later in the day, I realized I couldn't find my favorite – and ridiculously warm - earmuffs (the half-band kind that go around the back of your head… so comfortable). Trying to convince myself that maybe I had never even brought them with me in the first place, I still knew I had left them on the bus.

Despite the fact that the bus to and from Sofia and Samokov runs every half an hour, and I was traveling at a completely different time of day, and there are maybe 6-10 different drivers and vehicles, I somehow took the same bus home today that I was on yesterday. I sat in the same seat, and looked everywhere for it. Eventually I resolved that I would lose even my favorite boots if they weren't securely attached to my feet, and I gave up, turned on my iPod shuffle, and settled in for hour long ride through a twisty winter wonderland. 15 minutes or so later, I glanced up to the front of the bus, and low and behold, there on the dashboard, were my ear muffs!!!

See, God even cares about the "seemingly inconsequential." Even though avoiding frostbite on my ears is hardly a small matter….

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