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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I got an email last week about a Rescue group for stray dogs in Sofia. I knew I shouldn't have opened the email, but of course… I did.

I fell in love… absolute love… with a little (but full-grown) 30lb black lab look a-like (a mini-me of Cleo! And Fresca... and Lucille... and Sheba…). 

I spent the week working out details on what would happen when I traveled, and if taking him home with me at the end of my service was doable.

I got everything worked out, including an offer from my parents to send him home on a flight with a puppy ticket so I could still do my COS travel.

While I took these few days making sure everything was perfect, another PC Volunteer went to the rescue center on Friday to meet a different dog (the day before I sent the email asking for more info on how to adopt him), and apparently also fell in love.

Bruno is going to his new home on Friday.

Thrilled for Bruno. Happy for the PCV. Sad for me. :(

Makes me miss this even more:

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