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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Whenever its windy in my town, I can hear the glass pane rattle on the door that separate my bedroom/living room from my hallway, kitchen and bathroom. It hasn't gotten that windy in awhile, but today, after getting windblasted painfully in my face on my walk home from work, I decided it best to hiberate for the rest of the evening.

Good thing, too! You can hear people shouting outside to be heard by people walking directly next to them, and even a window breaking somewhere across the way. It's been doing that all evening, so I looked through the glass on my balcony to see how things were looking after the wind seemed to lessen a bit - and look what I found!!

When I got home from work I brought in a towel that had been hanging on the line outside, and I stepped out in just my slippers. Now there is a snow drift on my balcony about a foot deep in some places!

And I'm pretty sure we didn't get anymore snow this evening... this was just "relocated" snow.

Hey, all you back home!! I asked you to send us some SNOW - you can keep the wind!!!
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