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Friday, January 21, 2011

The teenage son of good friends of mine in Sofia is a senior year in high school, and is furiously prepping for college in the fall back in the US. For his senior project, Jeremi was instructed to read "Black Like Me" by John Howard Griffin, and was to explore the idea of white privilege. Late this summer, I was visiting his family in Sofia, and the two of us got to talking about how maybe he could come up with a project to get to know my kid's a bit better here in Samokov, use them as inspiration for his capstone project, and serve them in some way. Jeremi is passionate about photography, so he managed to get his hands on some disposable/one time use cameras, and has been coming to Samokov over the last couple of months to hang out with the kids, teach them about taking photos and capturing images and emotions, and learn about the world in which they come from.

The original idea was that the photos the kids took will turn into some sort of photo-essay for Jeremi's class, but on a whim, he also wrote to the Sofia Echo - the biggest English news organization in Sofia - and asked if he could write an article on the project for the paper. They were really open to the idea and asked him to write something up and submit it!

Jeremi had given each kid a list for basically a photo scavenger hunt, and then had the pics printed. In the following pics, Jeremi invited all of the kids back to see their photos, but to also interview them for the article. Whenever its printed I'll be sure to share it on here!

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