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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Other than my one "adventure splurge" with hiking in Switzerland in September, I reinstated as a PCV after my accident and promisrf myself that I would lower my risk factor... no skiing for me this winter! I intend to make it to April 13th unscathed...

Yesterday we took the kids ice skating after school. The municipality has given us three free one-hour sessions this season on the rink in the town center, and it was a blast! All the kids were asking me why I didn't get on the ice, but the idea of strapping myself into skates that looked an awful lot like ski boots definitely made my stomach turn... so I sat this one out.

When I found out that we'd be going 2 more times before the end of March, I decided that I'll use the time before the next session to get up the courage and at least float around the outer edge of the ice with my fav 8th graders. ;)

The kids in action - they did so good! Considering how excited they were when we rode the elevator in Sofia, I was rather surprised to see how comfortable most of them were on the ice. Although, they are all natives of Samokov - "The capital of the white sports." ;)

They loved it... we tried to get all the kids going on a train, but they quickly lost interest.

Such sweet girls. Gonna miss them!

Organizing a group photo is always a challenge... even more so when they are standing on slippery ice!

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