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Monday, August 2, 2010

Svetlina Parent Training #2

For our current ongoing project (8 month social development and integration infrastructure), we are holding a series of parent trainings on communication skills and parental responsibility. In the past, we have had a certain amount of difficulty with a solid attendence, even with the promise of lunch for their participation. This time, the thought was that if we held the session actually IN the Mahala, people would be on time and more comfortable, because of the accessibility in a familiar environment. While we more than doubled our participation, there were also a lot of distractions as moms would leave throughout the session to check in with children and other responsibilities. The distractions were hard to work around, but I did notice how much more relaxed everyone was. They freely offered information and were interactive in their participation.

The principal of our school led the training.

Really great to see such a good turnout!

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