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Monday, August 2, 2010

Sozopol, Bulgaria - Black Sea Coast

Weekend trip to the sea with Hope. I had heard that Sozopol had a really incredible ancient part of the city, but it definitely blew me away! The building structure and how they've managed to preserve the old architecture was really very incredible.

I loved this great little church... conveniently outside of a cafe/bar.

The city of Sozopol itself is a pretty bustling and touristy place. My goal in life when I travel is to eat at places off of the beaten path. Not only are they drastically cheaper, but I've found that if you eat where the locals eat, you'll walk away much more content with your meal! Not to mention you get views like this from rooftop family restaurants. I'm also pretty sure I used the household bathroom by mistake... oops. :)

We stayed in a guesthouse in the new side of the city. Although busier and more developed, it wasn't any less beautiful - just in a very different way. One evening as we were finishing up dinner, it started storming pretty hard. In typical summer fashion, though, it cleared up within the house. We went out to the roof of the guesthouse to find this rainbow waiting for us stretching out over the city.
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