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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kindergarten graduation!

The next two posts are from this past Thursday during the "graduation" ceremony for the kindergarten kids I've been working with a teaching English since November. I love these little guys! The you throw the boys into little slacks and bow ties and the girls into the most adorable little skirts I've ever seen... and by the time they were showing off their English skills to the MANY parents who came, I could hardly contain myself! Not to mention the fact that I got a hug and kiss from all 12 of Samokov's future studs. Every girl should be this lucky. ;)

Some of the kids have another year of kindergarten left, but all the soon-to-be first graders had a dance for everyone. Very cute. :)

There are only three little girls in the class, and these two kind of lead the presentation in a "teacher student" kind of way. Zina used a magic wand when "randomly" choosing a child to demonstrate what they've learned this year.

Mitko and Rumen totally MADE MY DAY when they each recited the English alphabet and counted in English FLAWLESSLY. Kinda funny how most of the kids now know the English alphabet better than the Bulgarian cyrillic one. ;)

Me and Rumen! The little guy reminds me so much of my cousin William back home! Personality, mannerisms... everything. I love them both!
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Vic and Suebee said...

SO cute!! No wonder you love them! :D

Andrea Megan said...

love the skirts.