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Monday, September 1, 2008


I can't say my specific site on here, but if you want to know... ASK!!!

I'll be located an hour south-west of Sofia (the capital), and only 30 minutes west of Dupnitsa (which is the city half an hour from my training village).

I will be replacing a volunteer whose service is up in October at an NGO that serves a large Roma population. The Roma community in Bulgaria accounts for the largest percentage of education drop-out rates, deviance, and early pregnancies, and they are often segregated from the traditional Bulgarian community.

Job Description: "The organization works with the Roma minority and at-risk children, where the ethnic intolerance is quite visible. Your priorities will be working with at-risk children and managing their free-time, as well as: working with parents, writing project proposals/grants, youth leadership, skills transfer, english courses, and initiating sport activities."

I thought I was a hundred percent sure I wanted to work at an orphanage in a small town, but God had other plans!! You'd think I'd learn... :) 

I will be doing what I love to do - loving on kids who need it the most. :) 

So excited!!!

We leave tomorrow for our first site visits, and I will keep everyone posted!!

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Vic and Suebee said...

Gotta love Facebook! :) Great pix, BTW. :) So glad you have a focus! Still praying for language.