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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday, August 28th

I feel like reality is finally setting in, and lets be honest, its been a rough week...
  • Not one but TWO B-24s have decided to go home... :(
  • My Bulgarian language anxieties are finally catching up with me again...
  • I am about as covered in flea bites as I possibly could be.
  • I'm constantly exhausted (and getting sick?).
  • Its been a real long time since I've felt this spiritually exhausted.
  • My frustrations about everything - big and small - are running wild.
  • I'd give the world to be there for a few close friends right now... and well, I'm HERE.

Welcome to the toughest job you'll ever love.


Anonymous said...

I love you Katie! I am praying for you and hope that things improve! Email me anytime you like!

Vic and Suebee said...

Praying so much for your language learning and for fellowship for you! Hang in there! :)

abby said...

I'm sorry it's been a rough week. I am praying you get some physical rest and spiritual peace of mind. I know it's rough right now, but continue to lean on Jesus. Also feel free to email me, I've got a good set of listening ears er eyes... I love you and am praying for you! Hang in there.