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Friday, September 26, 2008

Monday, September 22

Tonight after a long day of studying and working on our community mural project for me, and harvesting potatoes for my host parents, I sat at a delicious meal with host parents. After we were done, and all commenting about how tired we were after a long day/weekend of work, Svetla started laughing and then offered to write me a note to my Bulgarian teacher saying I had to stay at the house and help them tomorrow, instead of going to language training. She said that way I could sleep all day if I wanted to! 
The great thing was not just that my host mom was offering me a way to skip out on school for a day, but that I UNDERSTOOD HER WHEN SHE SAID IT!!!!

Things have been going really well… I’m far away from being conversational in Bulgarian (but hey, I’ve been here for far less than 3 months), but things are clicking way more than I ever thought they would. I love my host parents to death, and I can tell that hanging out with them as much as possible is paying off. I am more comfortable trying to explain things, and every day feel like I am understanding more and more. Its hard sometimes, to pass up on time with my fellow PCV’s, but I know that time with my host parents and my babas/diado’s is what is going to get me going through the next two years out on my own. It makes me so excited to know that Svetla and Kiril are already looking forward to me making the 20 kilometer trip from Samokov back to their village for na gosti’s, weekends, or vacation time. 

Makes me happy. 

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited that you are more comfortable with the language and are understanding more and more everyday. I love you and miss you! Hope