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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love winter… and snow… and living in places with four very defined seasons. Last year in Samokov, I was miserably unprepared (I naively thought that my water proof, mid-cut hiking boots were going to get me through a winter in a town at 1,000m elevation – oops), but another "plus" for the pro/con list of my 9 month sabbatical is my acquisition of my "winter-preparedness" kit; complete with boots designed to protect my toes in as cold as -30 degree weather.

Alas, winter has been slow to come to Bulgaria. While we got the first snow much earlier than anticipated (flakes in October… accumulation in early December), it's been almost "balmy" (ok… not really… but some days!) since then.

The last week or so, however, it's been COLD.

And I've decided that one of the most gorgeous things in the world is when you have a really thick freezing fog over night, and by morning the trees are all stiff with glistening precipitation. I wasn't proactive enough yesterday to grab my camera (well… that's not true – I completely forgot my point and shoot was in my purse!), so I'll have to wait again for the phenomenon, but seriously – its beautiful.

Today, a "blizzard" hit the coast of Bulgaria, bringing those beach bums a foot of snow (I hear it's still coming down, too). And yet, in the mountain town where I live (and where the coldest and snowiest winters in the Bulg were promised to me… I have yet to see that ring true), we seem to be existing in this reverse snow-globe reality.

I'm ready with boots and scarfs and gloves and long underwear and reusable handwarmers and a thermos constantly filled with tea… and the snow is being wasted on PCV's who won't appreciate it. ;)

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