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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis the season...

To "paint" cookies!!

Last year, my aunt sent me some fun things to use with my program kids from Svetlina to decorate Christmas cookies, and even though I only had a few kids participate, they LOVED it! They'd never done anything like it before, and its still a tradition with me every year, so I was very excited when I got another package last month filled with cookie decorations, sprinkles, food coloring... everything!

This year we had about 25 kids come, and it was a blast. In fact, the newspaper even came to take some pictures and write an article for the Samokov paper about our Christmas activities.

So, even though I'm feeling pretty homesick being away from family this time of year, its been great to have a little bit of "home" here with me.

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Todd said...

It was my pleasure!!! What should we plan for next? I am always thrilled to fill a box of things you can use when you share your gifts and love with others.

We miss you, we are proud of you and most of all we love you!!

Love, Aunt Val, Uncle Todd, Richard, William and Mac.