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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Katie = Pavlov's Dog

In the US, I could care LESS about McDonald's. I have no opposition to it, but I could go months (longer?) without giving it a second thought...

But here? As soon as I get on that bus from Samokov to Sofia, my mouth starts watering.

It's sad... really.

And this exit sign is the ONLY indication from the outside that this McDonald's is not on the corner of Rt 236 and Pickett in Fairfax!

(Hey Abby! While I'm mentioning international fast food chains, maybe I should bring up my internet, my INDOORS bathroom, my personal hot water heater, and the three supermarkets within 10 minutes walk from my OWN apartment... yeah, see - I can hit below the belt too. Although, my Peace Corps experience sometimes lacks some of the things I specifically signed up for... sigh, hehe. LOVE YOU!)


Andrea said...

Don't worry, me too. Its sad but so good and when I get on that tram to the center all I think about is McD's....

abby said...

That makes it official. You are not a true Peace Corps Volunteer. You have a fricken McDonalds?!? And an indoor toilet?! And a hot water heater?! You know I would kill for a delicious chicken nugget right now... you suck. Total hit below the belt.

Like I keep saying though they only put the best of the best here in Turkmenistan. You Bulgarians wouldn't be able to handle us Turkmen. Trust me it's not a fun experience having diarea on a cold winter night when you have to go to the bathroom outside. Only the tough can handle that.

Haha love you Katie. You're right we both do have it's pretty decent in the fact that we can access the internet weekly. You are also right when you say when I pictured Peace Corps I pictured living in a hut in Africa or the Caribbean. This is still good and I am glad I have it. God is doing awesome things here and in Bulgaria because we are here. Love you and can't wait for Istanbul... When are you thinking of making the trip?