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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long overdue...

My parents came on April 10th to stay until the following Monday. While it was technically a "long" Monday, the time with them flew!! I was SO excited to be able to show them MY New York. We saw "Rent" on Broadway on Thursday. It was amazing! Maybe a little much for my rather conservative parents ("bumping and grinding," haha! love you both! ;), but I think we all definitely enjoyed the show, dinner from Cosi in Bryant Park, and the discovery of the new Mint Crisp M&M's that have come out for Indy's new movie...

Friday we loosely followed the CSM prayer tour, and it was great to be able to show my parents the city how I've learned to see it - through God's eyes and His heart.

Saturday was probably my favorite day. I brought my parents to Father's Heart Ministries to serve at the Saturday morning soup kitchen. It was so neat to be able to serve alongside my parents in an atmosphere I love. They got to share with my in my favorite ministry site, and it was so neat to see my parents take jobs and settle right in! My dad even mastered the anchor position on the Maitre'd team! Which means he made Pastor Marion's cut when she sized people up for jobs. ;) The rest of Saturday we spent wandering the Lower East Side, Greenwich Village, and SOHO. We ate ice cream at Alphabet Scoop, bought an underground cd from an AWESOME acapella group performing on Prince Street, wandering through Washington Square, snacked on deliciously fresh guacamole, and meandered the streets in downtown Manhattan.

Sunday we explored Brooklyn... went to Coney Island for Nathan's Hot Dogs, rode the Cyclone with my dad on a whim (we survived!), worshipped at Brooklyn Tabernacle, and ate sheer yumminess at Junior's before taking world famous cheesecake back to the hotel for dessert!

Before the left on Monday, we even managed to sneak in a ferry trip out to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Such a great weekend!! I loved the opportunity to share with my parents the city I have grown to love.

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