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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Favorite word in Bulgarian

I've got a few favorite words in Bulgarian, but "глупости" (pronounced glue + po + stee) is one that I've always especially appreciated. I've often found it creeping up even into conversations I have in English. In general, I'd use it in circumstances/exclamations where "nonsense" or "ridiculousness" would come in handy. Since I love that this word seems to appropriate so frequently, I wanted to go ahead and post the laundry list of definitions that Google Translate provides, because it makes me giggle:

  1. noun
    1. nonsense (the definition I give most often)
    2. crap
    3. shit
    4. bullshit (this is the definition Bulgarians give most often)
    5. rubbish
    6. guff
    7. baloney
    8. rhubarb
    9. drivel
    10. junk
    11. fudge (hehe)
    12. gup
    13. blah
    14. bull
    15. applesauce (ten bucks to a person who can actually make this one work!)
    16. monkey business
    17. blether
    18. humbug
    19. fiddlesticks
    20. jiggery-pokery (love it....)
    21. fiddle-faddle (mom, this one makes me think of you! Although its usually just "fiddle," right? :))
    22. balderdash
    23. boloney
    24. flapdoodle
    25. poppycock
    26. tommy-rot
    27. footle
    28. tack
    29. bleat
    30. cod
    31. eyewash (hmmmmm)
    32. truck
    33. buncombe
    34. bosh
    35. punk
    36. rot
    37. blague
    38. hokum
    39. piffle
    40. kibosh
    41. slush
    42. trumpery

  1. nonsense
  2. nuts
  3. shucks
  4. stuff and nonsense
  1. phrase
    1. all my eye (what does this even mean????)

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