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Monday, November 30, 2009

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that even though I've only seen my Svetlina kids 4 days in the last month (for various reasons... many of which are out of our control, and the other reasons we're trying to reconcile with grant applications and program strengthening), this time around I find the work infinitely more emotionally draining. The reality of the situation and circumstance with my kids wears on me in the worst way, but I just want to express how much I LOVE my work here. No matter how tired or worn out I am (or frustrated!), the kids make me smile and remind me why I'm here.

Lately, my joy has come from these little kiddos - my Detska Gradina (Kindergarten) boys (don't ask why the whole class is boys... no clue... there are technically girls, but I rarely see them, and certainly never all three at the same time!).

Little Ivo! SUCH a sweetheart... 

Boicho - "Katie, why do you have to work with OTHER kids? Why can't you stay here with us?" Love... :)

SO CUTE!! I love watching some of the older boys help the younger ones with their lettering practice. 

[Big] Ivo... a little high maintenance, but always the first one to yell my name when I walk in the classroom. 
I know you aren't supposed to have a favorite when you work with kids... but look at him!! And he's always sooo excited about our English lessons. 

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, HRISTO!!! A very special little boy and my one on one buddy. :) Look at the smile! I just ignore the fact that the pic I took 3 seconds before this featured him sticking his tongue out at me... haha.


Christine said...

Ahhh sometimes I wish I could work with the little ones again! I LOVE what you're doing with your life. I'm sure you are making far greater an impact than you may know.

Katie F. said...

Haha, this IS my break from 5th-9th graders every week! So I completely understand. :)

Ya know, I've been stalking your blog (rather quietly, I know... sorry!), but I KNOW your students are blessed to have such a dedicated and passionate teacher! I know it gets hard all too frequently, but stick with it. They may not be grateful for it now, but they will be!