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Friday, July 11, 2008

2 Weeks from TODAY...

... I leave for Pre Service Training!!!

I love how my B-24 team mates will be flying in from all over the United States for our Staging Event the couple of days before Friday, the 25th with plane tickets from the Peace Corps, and I will probably leave my house around noon to get to the hotel by our staging starting time... and have a good hour and a half to spare before things kick off at... 2pm!!

But such is life. :)

{And I'm still taking packing advice, BTW..... ;P}


Throughout my time in NYC this spring with the Center for Student Missions, we had some absolutely incredible student groups come through.

While I can honestly say I didn't have a favorite, there were groups I connected with on a deeper level than others.

I will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for my Lousianians (my first group!!) and my Appies from NC, but I remember helping Michael out with one of his first groups, and how excited I was to meet Abby - a college senior from Michigan - who was applying for the Peace Corps!!

We talked a lot and exchanged stories, and have kept in touch about the sometimes painfully stressful application process since. My departure date was schedule for about a month before hers, and we've both had our horror stories (your not a true PC applicant if you haven't!!).

Anyway, I just found out yesterday that Abby's destination has changed from the Caribbean to.... Turkmenistan in Central Asia!! The Eastern Europe and Central Asia regions are the two closest PC regions (often referred to as one region), and Bulgaria and Turkmenistan are about as close as you can get without actually being in the same region.

We knew the big guy upstairs was looking out for both of us when we met on her service trip to NYC, but we had no idea we would be equidistance from Turkey!

It'll be so great to have someone {almost} on my time frame to stick together with through all of this and compare notes on service!!

seriously, He's pretty darn incredible :)


Richard & Shirley said...

Hello Katie!

We are two of your fellow trainees in B24. We look forward to meeting you in Arlington in less than two weeks.

By way of introducing ourselves, you are welcome to view our blog at

Richard & Shirley

Jimmy said...

Hey! I'm a current PCV (COD)here in Bulgaria. I got here last year. You're going to have a blast. I have a blog at Feel free to email me if you have any questions! See you soon!

Sasha said...

Hello! You don't know me...yet:) I just decided to look at some PC Bulgaria blogs and saw yours. I am a trainee too and am very excited to meet everybody the 25th. I live in Virginia Beach and just graduated from college. I'm thinking about starting my own blog to keep the fam updated. I hope the packing is going well. Looking forward to meeting you, Sasha

Alexandra Saperstein said...

Hey! I served in Bulgaria 98-00. I was a B-8! It was an incredible experience I will never forget. Be sure to see Turkey while you are there. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at ! (I'm now in Portland, Oregon)

abby said...

I am so stoked that I have someone going ahead of me to give me advice. Seriously, Katie, I am so glad I met you in NYC... God knew what He was doing and I'm glad we will be supporting one another. Send me your address when you get it...

Seriously God rocks!