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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, after three AMAZING months in the Big Apple, its hard to believe it, but I am back in Virginia!!

Crazy... I loved {almost, haha} every single minute of my time in New York City, and just being there doing the job I was doing was definitely a dream come true, but it feels good to be HOME. 

Because I am leaving for Bulgaria with the Peace Corps {still whoa!} on July 19th, I've decided I'm not going to try and get a job. Too much to do!!

Between graduation during Memorial Day Weekend, and a couple of weeks with family in Florida, I have a lot of packing and prepping to keep me busy for the next two months!! It will be nice to just be home... getting ready... spending time with family and friends... and just enjoying the relative calm before the storm.

I am also thrilled to be able to spend some time getting to know DC like I know New York! So lets just say I won't be bored!!


My aunt Val came up to the city to spend my last three days in NYC with me! We had such a blast! We wandered the East and West Village, ate John's Pizza (twice! shhhhh :)), saw Mamma Mia on Broadway (so good!), tried to go to Ellis Island (dang rain), and indulged in cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. MMmmmmmm. And we also spared time to go see my great aunt and uncle in Jersey! Yet again, I loved being able to share the city I love with one of the people I loved. Thanks Aunt Val!! :) 


Greg said...
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Greg said...

Hey thanks for the heads up... I've seen a couple of other people from the group out there. Looking forward to meeting you in a couple of months! Facebook me!