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Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm here! Driving across the bridge into Brooklyn from Jersey - seeing the "tiny" Statue of Liberty across the water in my new home for the next three months was incredible...

But maybe driving my little 97 Toyota up to New York City wasn't such a good idea... Rest assured, I DID arrive in one piece. And I didn't get rattled until the last 10 minutes....

For the most part the drive went great - I slowed a little through Philly (whoops, wasn't even supposed to drive through the home of the Liberty Bell anyway....), but other than developing a MAJOR disliking for northern truck drivers (sorry, i guess I'm a fan of the slower southern pace of NC after all) everything went smoothly.

AS SOON as I crossed the bridge into Brooklyn, however, someone tried to cut a red light and and almost T-Boned me. I then missed my turn... got a little turned around in the chaos of Brooklyn side streets, but I here I am... ready to tackle three months of leading urban service in the Big Apple!

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